144 Cabramatta Road East, Cabramatta NSW 2166

CABRAMATTA NUCLEAR MEDICINE and ULTRASOUND (CNM) has been in operation in the western regions of Sydney since 1999. The modern nuclear medicine clinic is owned and operated by an independent medical practitioner, Dr Himanshu Kaushik.

CNM uses advanced diagnostic technology and strives to provide a concise radiology report using a methodical approach with innovative diagnostic and treatment methods. This results in world class specialist medical imaging reporting, and a very high level of all-round patient care.

CNM provides general and specialist ultrasound services including state-of-the-art nuclear medicine.

Modalities provided include Lowest Radiation Dose Specialist Mammography, Digital Ultrasound and a complete range of low-dose nuclear medicine, including Whole Body and Bone Mineral Density tests.

Dr Kaushik and his staff, strive to provide your referring practitioner with an accurate answer to the cause for your clinical problems.

The staff at CNM look forward to welcoming you to our premises..

Phone: (02) 9724 2299
FAX: (02) 9724 1610
144 Cabramatta Road East,
NSW 2166


If you would like to make an appointment,
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